Local, Affordable, Self-Storage in Muscle Shoals

Jim Potter and Sons, Inc. is more than just a moving company. In addition to our years of experience as relocation specialists, we also provide you with safe, secure and affordable storage services. Our climate-controlled warehouses are equipped to handle all of your storage, self-storage and commercial warehousing needs.
Are you renovating or selling your home? Self storage is the number one solution for de-cluttering your space or getting rid of excess furniture and that stuff you just don't want to get rid of, but have no place to put. Our self-storage option is the perfect place to get all your unwanted possessions out of the way, without having to get rid of them. We offer clean and affordable storage space that's guaranteed to make your home feel more open and accessible.
We also offer you storage of the entire contents of your home while you are in between relocations. Sold your home, but your new one isn't ready yet? Moving out of the country but haven't found a full-time home yet? Jim Potter & Sons, Inc. can pack your belongings at your old location, store them in one of our climate-controlled warehouses, then move them to your new location when you're ready.
Whether you're looking for long or short term storage, Jim Potter & Sons, Inc. guarantees that all of your items in storage are kept clean, safe and easily-accessible.
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